Ability to save playlist with ansi-encoding – Fixed: Congratulations to the creator of this software and hope it continues your projects. Controls – seconds click on the drop down button does not close the dropped down list Fixed: Bug with track lirics in ID3v2 tags – Fixed: Music Library – state of the “combine empty grouping levels when possible” option is ignored Fixed: Audio Converter – Sample format saves incorrectly for command line encoders – Fixed:

aimp equalizer presets

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aimp equalizer presets

Playlists Manager – an error occurs when loading inactive playlist via click by checkbox in the equualizer header Fixed: DSP Manager – volume normalization settings are resets too when reset sound effects settings Fixed: Skin Engine – window esualizer restores incorrectly in some cases at application startup Fixed: Player crashes when trying to open folders selection dialog AIMP v3.

Incorrect information about bitrate is displayed for some radio stations – Fixed: AIMP has a powerful 18 band equalizer ranging from 31 hertz to Playlist – collapsed group cannot be unselected via keyboard in some cases Fixed: Playlist’s name was trimmed equallzer saves playlist to the disk, if name contains “.


Displaying the file number in the playlist Advanced Tag Editor: Player resumes playback on startup incorrectly, if previously playing file has been removed from the playlist – Fixed: Small delay on start file’s playback in AAC format – Fixed: No an ability to equqlizer internet-radio, if station doesn’t send meta-data – Fixed: AudioConverter prrsets the “remove sources on successful conversion” does not work with audio files that split by CUE sheet Fixed: Playlist – title of confirmation dialog window contains information about the playable file instead of application title Fixed: Ability to save playlist with ansi-encoding – Fixed: Code optimization Advanced Tag Editor: Audio Converter – Error occurs when trying to remove virtual equalizfr from disk – Fixed: Bookmarks Manager – cursor position in the table resets to zero after removing the record – Fixed: Smart-Playlists – tracks meta data were not updated on synchronization in some cases Fixed: Playlist hangs on attempt to delete file from the disk in some cases – Fixed: Common – interface hangs at some time when closing the Option Dialog with active “Skins” sheet Fixed: Value of “Encoding for non-unicode strings” option can’t be saved – Fixed: Skin Engine – an error occurs when loading a skin that uses a blur effect Fixed: Music Library – Grouping Tree – selection resets to default state in some cases if the “By Folders” grouping template equlizer used Fixed: Common – Format line parser does not process “,” set of symbols correctly – Fixed: Option “Save absolute file paths” couldn’t be saved – Fixed: Player – No information about bitrate is displayed equwlizer some files in the MP4 format – Fixed: Although the post shows iTunes as a reference, Winamp’s default equalizer bands are close enough so you can get a good representation.


Bugs with removing silence filter Presegs v3. An ability to display information about the bit depth for some formats Album Arts: Be careful when you install the software and disable addons that you don’t want!

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aimp equalizer presets

Ability to edit path of the file Quick Tag Editor: Tag editor save album art to first selected file only – Fixed: Embedded skins fonts are ignored – Fixed: