How to disable Ad-block on FileHippo 1 Click on the Ad-block icon located on your toolbar to reveal the settings. For the Item Synchronization option, select Master. Controls the Ad hoc TV and radio stations being played. Some special items such as newsfeeds 40 , tables 42 , and TV stations 55 need to be set up before you can add them to a Playlist. Apple iTunes Music Store


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Click Save all changes to make your changes permanent.


Select the Playlist tab. If the receiving Zone or Zones contain the Rendezvous Point name, then the playlist immediately starts playing from the item immediately following the Rendezvous Point entry. Click the Specials tab.

Displaying part of a web page To display only part of a web page, follow these steps: Image slide show – use if slide transitions and animation effects are not important blackbox. An example of a correctly formatted news feed address would be http: You may also have a Zone that is the same 3.4.2 as the Layout that contains a qllplayer image, on which all the other Zones are superimposed.

Layout Design If your Screen is a plasma screen you need to be aware of the danger of screen burn and design your Layouts accordingly.

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This means you can allow the iCOMPEL to run continuously and to start displaying content automatically when the building is next open. Border Width Controls the width, in pixels, of the border surrounding each cell. Allplzyer Ad hoc content includes: Click Edit in the appropriate Zone page.



Click Edit to edit the live Video properties as required. After you add the Multicast Video, it appears on the Playlist.

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Some items such as videos may take a considerable time to download and display. Whichever route you allplaayer, the overall time taken for generating display content is minimized, displays can be up and running quickly, and Ad hoc users can be working with the system productively with minimum delay.

No parts of this work may be reproduced in any form or by any means – graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or information storage and retrieval systems – without the written permission of the publisher. Layout interactions have the following properties: These pages display the text fields that they are allowed to change, or the commands they are allowed to issue.

More information on Colors Each method has advantages and disadvantages. From the menu bar, select Playlists, then select the Layout and the Zone.


Some News feed providers have their own terms of use that alllplayer restrict the use of their feeds in Digital Signage Networks. A Soundtrack also has its own Playlist. Here you are given four options, the first two of which are: Creates a small file Video – best option if high quality, complex animations and transitions are needed, but can create large files Convert to an image slideshow To convert a presentation to an image slideshow follow these 3.4.62 Use one of the following methods to convert your presentation: Rendezvous Point names are not case sensitive.


Adding Radio to a Layout’s soundtrack To add Radio broadcast to a Layout’s soundtrack, follow the steps for adding Special items to a Playlist the Allplayef broadcast, it appears on the Playlist.

To commands Using Interactivity Specials – for adding Special items to the Playlist, that include all items other than files and folders.

ALLPlayer 4.6

Select the Playlist where you want to add the command. Once you store a web page in this way, you lose the connection to the original page. The Letterbox area is shown in the Letterbox color you set.

To create a new Table, click the Lalplayer Table tab. Page services If enabled, this option will allow the HTML media to access the following services on the player: