But I’m not promising you much. Generally, you’ll find no ‘Nagaland free music downloads’ in bulk. However, if you are interested, you will find CDs of Naga metal bands only in the stores in Dimapur and Kohima. There is only one online music store dedicated to music albums from Nagaland and Naga musicians. Click on the URL of the page containing the song See image.

alobo naga hold on free mp3

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Alobo Naga Download Free Mp3 Song

Al Ngullie April 23, at 8: Here you will find some free music from Naga musicians and bands. We make our CDs and peddle it ourselves. Go to the uploaded song 5. Myspace streming is too slow though.

And it’s easy to get them down into your system PC or mobile phone. We are still building a music industry. If you want full albums, go to Indihut and buy the stuff.

Alobo Naga

That, for now, remains the only free source of musical works from Nagaland. Meaning, we do not have big music labels promoting stuff. The better ones, especially rock albums, are sold in the stores, in case you kp3 interested.


alobo naga hold on free mp3

If you find links to Naga music sites please post it here. There are a number of artist profiles on Facebook — Alobo and Abiogenesis etc. Just visit the website, sit obediently and listen. You can still listen to Naga music online on Myspace but download?

I doubt unless the musicians offer you free downloads of their songs by having set their settings for free downloads. Internet business is a concept very new to us, barely a couple of years if you are talking about its application.

We emerged from the jungles just half a century agao. M;3 Tunyi March 27, at 1: In layman’s lingo 1.

alobo naga hold on free mp3

Go support them for Pete’s sake. Not many choices and most of the tracks are well, mediocre.

INDIAN BANDS HUB: Alobo Naga & The Band

Rio is an admirer of Mother Teresa. There is only one online music store dedicated to music albums from Nagaland and Naga musicians.


Go to the website Youtube. Al Ngullie April 1, at 6: I still advise you to go to YouTube. All you have to do is go to Youtube and search. The only problem with Myspace?

alobo naga hold on free mp3

Just keep reading and ama tellya where to get them. Azha’s last serenade 8 songs in http: Here’s how to do it and the easiest yet: But I’m not promising you much.

Check out how to extract audio from music videos. Youtube, Baby Anyhow, let’s get to the point.