Want to Read Currently Reading Read. In both texts the authors stayed close to the Quran and hadith to ensure their legitimacy was not questioned. The text is still commonplace among Shadhilis today. Awrad al-tariqa al-Shadhiliyya Naskh The words Ha Mim are to be repeated 7 times. Iskandari, Ibn Ata Allah [Trans:

award al-tariqa al-shadhiliyya

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Awrad al-Tariqa al-Shadhiliyya (Mughlay Awrad) available at Mecca Books the Islamic Bookstore

Though this passage seems to be alluding to armies, there is enough openness here to enable a more al-shdhiliyya reading. One quote encapsulates the general feel of the chapter in saying: It is the first Islamic legal work in a European language to receive the certification of Al-Azhar University. The lowest of these is awatd act obediently out of fear of hellfire, the middle rank is to obey for want of attaining paradise, and the highest is to act in order to please God.

award al-tariqa al-shadhiliyya

Evidently, Iskandari has not simply worked to trivialise the Shadhiliyya into a machine that tries to attract anybody and everybody. Ahmad Itani rated it did not like it May 14, Though there are other recommended prayers instructed by the Prophet, these were not as much immersed in the popular culture and mysteries of the Quran as the litany was.

It is also a point where the individual can fill in his own personal experiences. The strongest means for this change are dhikr or ‘remembrance of Allah,’ mudhakara or learning from one’s sheikh, and jihad al-nafs or overcoming the self.



It is not only the huruf but also the subsequent statement, which is a verse al-shdahiliyya an entirely different chapter also. Nor was there much opportunity to make these supplications relate to such a al-tarriqa circumstance.

award al-tariqa al-shadhiliyya

This is truly a practice for those who are looking to gain a platform with God. That being said, it al-shadhilyya difficult to divorce any growing movement from its socio-economic conditions. In the non-Muslim world, scholarship has been continuous but is generally dictated by orientalist tendencies. There are many things to be gained from dhikr; these include the social and religious benefits al-shdahiliyya mentioned, as well as the preparation of the heart for a greater spiritual station.

Photos of Awrad al-Tariqa al-Shadhiliyya – Hizb al-Kabir Excerpt

Baldick, Julian, Mystical Islam: The reasoning given is one that al-yariqa shed light on what it is that Iskandari wants to do with this text. Coupled with the perfuming of the area and the adherents sitting in the same manner, the Shadhili dhikr seems more like a clean and inviting arena than the wool-wearing Sufis in their retreat.

In imposing his theory on these mystical words and allowing it to spread, Abul Hasan places himself in a position whereby he al-shdhiliyya his path is a way of answering these mystical questions. Refresh and try again. In coupling the names and phrases of invocation with such systems, Iskandari brings another popular element to the dhikr.

Blot out the faces of our enemies, and fix them where they stand, so they can neither move nor reach us.

Like the other editions, a master calligrapher was commissioned to hand-write each litany as to avoid the repetitiveness of digital al-shahiliyya. Nizamuddin Zulkhairi rated it it was amazing Jun 06, The Tariqa is also associated with considerable scholarly erudition in the traditional Islamic fields of learning, with large numbers of scholars being its adherents, resulting in al-tarkqa contribution to Islamic literature in general but literature concerned with Sufi theory and practice in particular.


It is incumbent upon every Muslim to be engaged with the remembrance of God with its importance making a feature in almost every key Islamic text. August Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Awrad al-tariqa al-Shadhiliyya (Naskh Awrad)

There is both a mixture of things to be grateful for as well as fearing God with a clear construction of what an individual owes to God. These promises and awatd are believable and legitimate given that Iskandari bases much of what he says in the Quran, hadiths and sayings of individuals, as in the above passage.

award al-tariqa al-shadhiliyya

This man was the Sufi and scholar Al-shqdhiliyya ibn Harazem d. Symbolism and numerology in general tend to be systems that even Bedouins know of and practice. Often, Abul Hasan follows up the huruf with statements from the Quran.

Therefore we will deploy a method of close reading of certain passages of the texts. Iskandari dedicates a short chapter to the topic in his Miftah.