Any sexist assumptions people might have had – “she’s just a pretty face”, “she’s just a trophy wife”, whatever – are blown out of the water here, because she reveals herself to be a more than capable frontwoman whose grasp of the material is shown in her performance The album includes a cover of Renaissance’s Ocean Gypsy which Night absolutely nails, for instance – and which also sits very naturally with the rest of the material here. I like many others, figured they started the band together and their relationship developed from there, this is not the case at all, they have been together for over 15 years now. The fact that she also has a remarkable voice makes the pairing a match made in heaven. Some of the tunes from this album were made rockier and more energetic when performed live. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some rockin’ moments that feature some great guitar work that interweaves with the more eclectic instruments. Can you think of any other hard rock guitar legends who could be so at home with this kind of stuff?

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BLACKMORE’S NIGHT Castles And Dreams reviews

The gig itself, filmed in a castle in Germany, lasts for 2 hours. Secret Voyage – Blackmore’s Night Tracklisting: One thing I found out was how long Ritchie and Candace have been together. All for One on Ghost of a Rose.

blackmores night way to mandalay free mp3

Ivory Tower on Ghost of a Rose. This band is so down to earth.



Ghost Of A Rose Possum Goes To Prague Fre needed to do something which he felt totally at ease with. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Autumn Sky – Blackmore’s Night Tracklisting: The presentation of this DVD set is lavish and tasteful.

blackmores night way to mandalay free mp3

Christmas Eve Burg Abendberg 3. This is definitely an entirely different phase of Blackmore’s career and those days are nothing more than a memory and one he would rather not talk about. Another classic song covered here is Ritchie’s own Temple Of The King that originally appeared on the first Rainbow album.

All For One Not content to merely regurgitate traditional-sounding material in a traditional style, the group experiment here and there with working electronic elements into the mix, an experiment which is startling on first hearing but seems strangely natural afterwards. It has acquired a medieval flavour here to great effect. All of the appropriate visual effects are in place, the stage setting, and all the clothing everyone wears in the band. Song And Dance Pt. While introducing the song, Night comments that Coverdale is in the audience, jokingly inviting him to come up and sing it.

Throughout the set are appearing a few guests with their instruments for a song or so and for the “encore “, they all come out again with Ritchie playing his Strat electric guitar, there is the usual sing-along and everyone on stage finale.

The 20 plus songs are taken from the vast catalogue built up over a number of years now. These musicians are masters of their genre: High to Low Avg. This mabdalay thus further away from Ritchie’s past in Deep Purple and Rainbow than even most other releases by Blackmore’s Night.


Blackmore’s Night Way To Mandalay

Ghost Of A Rose It often comes off as cheesy and corny, unlike the medieval parts on Pain of Salvation’s “Be” or some of Kamelot’s albums. Blackmore does not seem so enthusiastic about this, while Coverdale remains out wayy sight of the camera! All For One Studio Album, 3. The concert occupies the bulk of the first disc, the second disc containing the rest of the material.

Index of /MEDIA SET/Music_new_classical/R. Blackmore-BLACKMORE NIGHT/Ghost Of A Rose/

Locked Mmandalay the Crystal Ball. Forum user Forum password. Get to Know Us. It was like visiting with them for a while to get to know them better.

Either way, Ian is an apt choice of guest, because if your fancy is tickled by Tull’s occasional trips into medieval and renaissance aesthetics this project might speak to you However, it’s Night herself who is the real revelation here.