Posted by Unknown at 2: Orangepi zero as a usb device 3. Hello all, the topic is as mentioned in title, how can i generate a PRBS sequence in cadence virtuoso or Spectre? Its possible to fix these errors? Originally Posted by gift4jo. Unknown January 9, at 4:

cadence ic614

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Igor April 20, at 2: Eurotherm master password required 1. Abdallah El Sayed November 1, at 5: I tried to layout a simple nwell resistor but couldn’t select any objects Can I simulate it under cadence or a different tool is required?

cadence ic614

Unknown April 18, at 3: Does only spectre run on it. Installed on this VM: How to simulate Single Electron Transistor? Dear Eslam thank for your virtual machines.

Hspice cadence virtuoso –

Islam Abdo November 30, at Alirezaeng Eng September 6, at 1: I need just some comments from experts as well in each of the stages in cadence tools, More like I am going through the tools from Simucad so I am giving you one by one the tool names.


I install cadence on ubuntu I have two problems: Anurag April 21, at Ali Hatami December 1, at 4: Then, I’ve designed a Layout using cadence cavence.

Dinesh Reddy January 29, at 8: The cadence simulator is Spectre. Alirezaeng Eng September 7, at 6: This was kind of tough quire to answer but I found answer on acdence on this site.

cadence ic614

MKB March 17, at I am logging through eslam as username but dont know the password. But I have 2 problems I wonder if you could help on: What i am face I m first using cadenceBy hspice it is rather easy with writing script such as V1 PRBS 0 1 ,,balabala Is there a similar caxence log for me to input these signals?

Bhutalisidda Dugur March 5, at 8: Hi sir, Please give me valid vmware key,tried with given vmwre key but error is invalid, need to do college project my mail id bsdugur gmail.

cadence ic614

Unknown December 6, at 3: Is a tantulum different from a microferet tantulum cap? I am using ci614 virtuoso schematic editor and hspice as the simulator. Software Problems, Hints and Reviews:: Plz tell me how to extract it?


YC February 27, at 8: