A savvy songwriter and a powerhouse vocalist, McKelle has long found a home where soul, jazz, pop, gospel, blues and the American Songbook cross paths. Music was what mattered and though I was never interested in being a teacher and had never pursued it, I was offered a teaching job at Berklee and I felt it was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. SO all of us coming together and adding our one little touch on the music makes it what it is. He added such a vibe on ‘The Sun Died’ and ‘Simple Man’ using swells and subtle strumming patterns that really add to the movement and the feel. This is encouraging them to dream bigger and that we adults, are here to support them. The intention was never to release it on a label and I was unprepared for the success that came along after it. He has the most beautiful warm tone and was a total peach in the studio.

da musica robin mckelle always

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More about Robin McKelle and the new album: The musical core of this is a minor blues. What then made you take the decision to go back to music making?

da musica robin mckelle always

I wanted to have beautiful musical moments and chose the musicians because of what they brought to the music. I became interested in Jazz when Aways was around 16 as my jazz piano teacher had me singing the melodies and lyrics to the tunes I was learning like “Angel Eyes”. How difficult it must be to grow up surrounded by social media and technology and the idea that “likes” are so important.


da musica robin mckelle always

Charles Tolliver Dave Holland. The result is a deeply textured, rich, authentic collection, a mix of timely social commentary, intimate lyrics and a thoughtful call to action. Melodic Canvas is like coming back to jazz a mckelel.

I was born in Rochester, NY and grew up in a musical environment, as my mother was a singer.

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Nach ihrem zweiten Album Moder…B. Registration takes only a few moments and gives you increased capabilities.

In order to comment on an article you must be registered and logged in. What are your plans – both long and short term? Once I decided on the instrumentation to have more of an acoustic approach, I worked on the arrangements.


It’s a difficult language. I wanted to make music with the band at the same time.

da musica robin mckelle always

And sound wise what were you aiming for? This song is questioning religion. Early on my influences were Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson then evolving into other artists as I grew to know more about this music.

Username Password Remember Me Forgot your password? We don’t see you here often enough! To inspire, through music, kindness and acceptance and a willingness to have the courage to stand with our brothers and sisters in equality no matter color, race, religion or ethnicity.


Robin McKelle – Melodic Canvas

Now the album title OK, so tell us about some of the players then As “special guest” we have Chris Potter on Sax. And yes, I went out to LA to work on my solo career but when I first moved there I was working a day job. Fame, Money and material items. Sometimes Mmckelle just feel so sad for the young girls and boys of this next generation. Even though ‘Soul Flower’ is just being released in the UK, I’ve already begun the process of recording the next album.

I just love his playing. It’s a little “gift” for my French fans that have been incredibly loyal! After performing the European leg of the Jazz tour with pianist, Danilo Perez, I was inspired to reconnect with jazz.

The Flytones are a group of musicians that I’ve been putting together for a long time. Why chose that one and explain why and how you transformed it I love that I’m able to use different timbres in the songs depending on what it calls for.