Trending Price New. Front Mission 3 Sony PlayStation 1, The events of the game are framed through the character of Tagami a secret character in Shikigami no Shiro , another title developed by Alfa System , a mysterious figure who travels to the world in which the game is set many centuries after the main events conclude in order to investigate what caused the world’s destruction. Game Name see all. Before the Elemental Gearbolt incident, the world was home to two races, Audo and Sulunkan. Excellent animated FMVs to watch, and the story is really cool. With an adequate supply of weapons, including ordinary RPGs and a powerful hybrid RPG, this amazing sci-fi adventure takes you through six acts.

elemental gearbolt ps1

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elemental gearbolt ps1

It is complete and has been tested. Inside the cathedral, they encounter another powerful armament, ” Idon “, an agile creature resembling a lizard. Game Name see all. Thousand Arms Sony PlayStation 1, Tagami writes, centuries later: The only fly in the ointment is disturbing reports of two powerful Elementals storming across the land on a direct course toward the palace.

The ‘water’ gun is like the ‘fire’ gun, but it doesn’t spread out like the fire gun does.

Elemental Gearbolt – Wikipedia

Skullmonkeys Sony PlayStation 1, More refinements More refinements See all 11 Critic Reviews. This game is the bomb.


Maybe an ex-rental copy. A view of the destroyed area the same area Tagami visits in the introduction is seen from afar with people looking on, as Bel Cain’s voice is heard speaking to the player:.

Elemental Gearbolt

There are 3 “guns” that you can use, with each having an “element”. Ehrgeiz Sony PlayStation 1, Please provide a valid price range. As they get closer to the end, They encounter one of the Palace’s powerful warriors, ” Maldel ” an agile knight.

The two elementals then continue their way towards Owato. Save the world from a power hungry prince Blast enemies alone or team up with a second player Use a light gun or gamepad to control eelemental action.

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Lots of fun shooter. About this product Product Information Roll your sleeves, clutch your game-pad tightly, elementwl prepare to annihilate a crazy, evil prince who runs the world using a powerful Neural Network Computer. All-in-all, a great system. This item doesn’t belong on this page. On the negative side, the polygonal graphics are plagued by pixelization and the game is way too short, offering only six levels of quick shoot-em0up action.

elemental gearbolt ps1

December 11, NA: The player is only required to aim and shoot with the light gun. Due to an accident with the dimensional gate, Tagami’s return to her world was impossible, until the gate gets repaired.


The journal entries reveal that Tagami came from another dimension and was the one who gave the Network access to the holy guns, anticipating the malfunction of the Network to mount the holy guns to Nell and Seana’s bodies.

Here, they encounter the largest of Bel Cain’s powerful armaments, a powerful war-fortress flying across the sky: No manual or artwork included. elemenatl

Bel Cain stands in the Elementals’ path, unaware of the actions of the Network; never anticipating his impending reunion and inevitable battle with Nell and Seana.

Originally developed by Alfa Systemthe game was published by Sony Computer Entertainment and released in Japan in If this game were just revamped to have cleaner 3D, and better framerates in 2 player mode, I think it would STILL blow everyone’s mind today [March ]. It also allows you to level up at the end of the areas. God of War Sony PlayStation 4, According to Metacriticthe game received the average score of 76 “Generally favorable reviews”.