The album came out at some point in the s but was released on a tiny label called Caminhada. Chinelo De Rosinha is a great example of the band that they became. O Coronel e o Lobisomem The man was incredibly original. Because I had a heavy Gonzaga phase, I don’t return to his catalog as much as I should! Vocals , guitar , piano. The track was written by Rosil Calvalcanti , who penned a string of still-beloved hits for nearly all of the great singers from the period, including Luiz Gonzaga, Jackson do Pandeiro and Genival Lacerda.

gerson filho discografia

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This compacto was most likely released in the s.

gerson filho discografia

Campo Belo simply glows. As 12 Mais Do Nordeste – Maraca s.

JOVEM GUARDA – Muito mais que um site oficial!

Archived from the original on August 5, Copacabana Som could have easily included more material. It appears to be a reissue on heavy vinyl, but the cover reproduction is unusual. Francisco Barreto – Oh!

Luckily, terson was issued as both a single and re-released on this LP. This wasn’t one of his biggest hits, but is typical of his atypically excellent work. Furthermore, Martinho composed some of the most important samba enredos samba school themed songs and has forged a solid partnership with the Vila Isabel samba school. It is documented that pre-Beatle John Lennon attempted to write a calypso tune in called Calypso Rock. The song also appeared on the Mocambo compilation LP: I don’t particularly like discogracia.


The proof is in the pudding! Posted by Rob Keith at 1: Terezinha’s tune is a standout. Mocambo and Rozenblit consistently used material from their considerable back catalog.

Unfortunately, I have very little information about this act. Several hit singles were also released. Order of Cultural Merit Brazil. We are fortunate that they did. After the Trio left CBS in the mid s, they recorded primarily for Copacabana throughout the late 70s and early 80s.

gerson filho discografia

As a singer, he is considered by critics as one of the top exponents of samba to have ever lived. Through his friendship with guitarist Warren CuccurulloNascimento came to work with the pop rock band Duran Duran in Camisa Verde e Branco G.

Martinho da Vila

These are essential historical documents, especially when they featured 78rpm singles. Before that, he used to be a regular at the Aprendizes da Boca do Mato samba school. One little change in instrumentation can make an artist stand out.


gerson filho discografia

Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Native Dancer with Wayne Shorter I love Os 3 Do Nordeste, but I have not posted any of their music for a long time.

Milton Nascimento

Thank you Samuel for the historical information! Retrieved from ” https: Walter Damasceno recorded an LP and several compactos, so he is luckier than someone like Carlos Galindo, who was released exclusively on 78rpm.

O Nordeste Canta is one of the great albums of the short lived 10″ album period from the mid to late s. Posted by Rob Keith at 9: