Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 18, go to album. Wondem Remixed by Dexter Story. Mongolia, in the heart of Asia, is a vast country, roughly five times the size of Germany. Bahir by Dexter Story. Across these songs, Ethiopian jazz, African psychedelic rock and funk, Sudanese dance rhythms, and Tuaregi grooves mingle with the jazz and folk traditions of the Americas. Where the Gods are in Peace by Antibalas. Tume Tumenbayar Migdorj and Tumro Tumursaihan Yanlav sing and play the horse-head violin, morin khuur, a string instrument with two strings made of horse hair, played like a cello.

huurhun haliun mp3

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On one hand Mongolian sounds seems strange and mysterious to Western ears.

huurhun haliun mp3

If you like Equus, you may also like: Sara Sarangel Tserevsamba is an expert at the dulcimer, joochin and the female voice of the band. Purchasable with gift card. Ugan Uuganbaatar Tsend-Ochir bows and plucks the mogolian bass, ih huur.

If you like Equus, you may also like:. Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 18, Labels by Udi Hrant. Four founding members are still the heart of the group today. Bahir by Dexter Story.

Huurhun Haliun from Tailwind Home by Equus. The musicians of Egschiglen take us to the fascinating culture of their far-away home, at the same time showing us that beyond all cultural differences there is a common element of human existence. All acoustic ambient blues classical country electronic emo folk hardcore hip hop indie jazz latin metal pop pop punk punk reggae rnb rock soul world 60s 70s 80s 90s MyTracks MyArtists History My profile About Terms Of Use Contacts.


Endless grasslands in the south envelope into the barren beauty of the Gobi desert. They interpret both traditional songs and the work of contemporary Mongolian composers with their fine-tuned hjurhun. From the snow-covered Altai and Changaj mountains clear rivers run through forests and flatlands.

Yes, it is possible! The music of the Mongolians breathes the freedom and power of the simple way of life close to the nature.

Hoorhon Haliun Download Free Mp3 Song

And then again the music takes us to the clear silence of the Gobi desert, where only the wind sings in the dunes. Beautiful, hypnotic music from this Armenian oud player captures the instrument’s delicacy in a series of heart-stirring songs.

huurhun haliun mp3

Especially the khoomii chants leave you speechless. Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 18, go to album. On the other hand the music sounds familiar, by expressing basic human feelings: From the very beginning, the musicians focus on contemporary music of Mongolia and search systematically for the sound dimensions of this repertory with their traditional instruments and Central Asian vocal techniques.

Wondem Remixed by Dexter Story. Where the Gods are in Peace by Antibalas. Equus focuses guurhun the traditional music of Mongolia, sung by world renowned Mongolian throat singer Bukhu, fused with Middle Eastern strings and a dynamic rhythm section, with a strong component of improvisation, the result is often hard to define, but always spectacular. You can almost hear the sound of the hoofs by the small and tough Mongolian horses – Genghis Khan founded the world’s greatest empire of all times on their backs.


The solo vocalist Amra Amartuwshin Baasandorj sings in khomii huurhyn and accompanies himself on the swan throat huurhum tobshuur.

huurhun haliun mp3

Bandcamp Album of the Day Mar 19, go to album. The music of a country is formed by its landscape and the way of life of its people.

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Huurhun Haliun | Equus

The mmp3 of Egschiglen impresses by virtue of its variety and gracefulness. Can All Times Be One?: Can you believe that one voice can produce such low and high sounds at the same time?

Resiliencia by Taina Asili.