For example, patients who are homebound and bedbound due to limited mobility. The lightweight and portable, yet sturdy and compact, gynecological exam device detailed above is described as a bed being placed on a regular bed at home. Mood swinging drake download Posted on Further, a bottom section 12 height adjusting knob 26 is located in the opening between the bottom section 12 and base section 13 mentioned. When the gynecological exam device 10 is being erected, the back support 14 is pulled away from the back surface of the top section 11 with the horizontal section of the T-shaped back support base 16 resting on the mattress when used with a bed.

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In the past, most of these gynecological examinations are performed in hospitals or clinics. Users can immediately experience the full version of the app.

A portable gynecological exam device as recited in claim 1 wherein: While the present invention has been illustrated by a description of various aspects and features of the invention and while these aspects and features have been described in considerable detail, it is not the intention of the applicant to restrict or in any way limit the scope iehoma the appended claims to such detail.

The sliding headrest 18 is extendable for a comfortable fit to accommodate patients of various heights. The tilt angle of the top section 11 is being adjusted by sliding the T-shaped back support base 16 through the enclosed channel and locked in position by the spring-loaded button 17 and eyelets 32 arrangement.

A patient’s body needs to be arranged in a precise position for accuracy and safety during such pelvic examination. The accompanying drawings, which are incorporated in and constitute a part of this specification, illustrate aspects of the invention, together with a general description of the invention given above, and the detailed description given below, serve to explain the principles and operations of the present invention.


The folding top section side panels 21 and sliding bottom section side panels 22 are unfolded and extended respectively to provide maximum comfort to the patient. The top section 11 is hinged to the bottom section 12 at one end without the flanges.

For example, patients who are homebound and bedbound due to limited mobility. Digimon xros wars evolution and digixros download Posted on Writer provides an easy way to create XML using Perl.

iheoma bracket

A compact, lightweight, and sturdy gynecological exam device which can be placed on a bed or other appropriate surfaces for healthcare practitioners to perform examinations.

Patients should be able to abduct their legs independently, move around on top of the exam bed or chair and follow instructions without difficulty iueoma their pelvic exams. A portable gynecological exam device as recited in claim 8 wherein said long post is rectangular in shape; and.

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Convertible wheelchair and separate lift module for connecting to and elevating the wheelchair. For example, it could be designed with any conventional locking mechanism, such as, wing-nut and screw, rotating braccket, spring-loaded pin and eyelets, and frictional discs, etc.

The lightweight and portable, yet sturdy and compact, gynecological exam device detailed above is described as a bed being placed on a regular bed at home.

The base section side panels 23 are in contact with the patient’s own bed when unfolded, providing an expanded surface for stability by redistributing the patient’s weight in order to prevent the compact gynecological exam bed or chair from collapsing or sinking into the mattress during examination.

The height adjusting knob 26 has a long screw 46 threaded through the center of the cross members Another benefit of iueoma regular pelvic examination is to maintain maternal health for preventing complications.

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The two platform flanges 42 are connected to the platform 41 at a slight elevation above the top surface of the platform 41 so as to provide a space to store the bottom section side panels The present invention relates to a compact, portable gynecological exam device which can be easily unfolded or erected into iehoma examination bed or chair for gynecological examinations, such as, pelvic and antenatal exams for women, either in-home or at off-site locations.

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This elevation is necessary according to particular examination performed so as to maximize the patient’s comfort and safety. End tabs 39 are formed at the hinged end of the ihwoma section 12 to restrict the movement of the T-shaped back support base 16 when the gynecological exam device is collapsed for storage or transportation.

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iheoma bracket

Another objective of the present invention is to design a lightweight, portable gynecological exam device that can be easily carried by a single person, for example, a rbacket practitioner performing in-home services. Examination chair for placing a patient in desired positions for e.

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iheoma bracket

Create the iheeoma sound environment for learning in which you retain and recall information more effectively. The elevation is controlled manually as disclosed is by a height adjustment knob 26 of the lifting mechanism