When configured properly, Immidio Flex Profiles provides extremely fast user logons and logoffs when compared to standard roaming profiles. Immidio Flex Profiles also works in conjunction with roaming profiles. The adequate configuration can be done by adding the following entries to the INI file. Personal keyboard settings are stored. Application Profiler Administrato VMware. When using a single roaming profile, profile corruption or loss of personal settings is bound to happen. In the following, the creation of a very simple configuration files is described, giving you an introduction into the general procedure.

immidio flex profiles express edition

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Immidio FlexProfiles vs RES Software Workspace Manager Express (Part 2)

Selected functionality that was previously available through separate components and had to be called through Flex Profiles Framework scripting has now been integrated into the Immidio Flex Profiles core engine FlexEnginesimplifying deployment. Now the profile template is espress to its destination folder.

immidio flex profiles express edition

Besides this setting, you also need to create an INI file that contains the appropriate information to be processed by Immidio FlexEngine. Segmented profiles based on Immidio Flex Profiles work on all Windows flfx that are officially supported by Microsoft, both 32 bit and 64 bit. Download “Immidio Flex Profiles 7 and migration to Windows 7”.

This feature has been built inspired by customers who want to manage specific settings that profilew not possible with Flex Profiles in the past, like the language setting for Windows Multilanguage User Interface or slideshow backgrounds.


immidio flex profiles express edition

For details see chapters 4. In this case you need to make sure that the FlexEngine is only called once, requiring the INI files to be read recursively. Automated generation of application configuration files: The mandatory or standard profile is loaded again the next time the user logs on. In that case, the contents of and user access to the INI folder determine which profile archives will be read from the folder defined by -r, or stored into the folder defined by -s.

Centrally managing local or roaming profiles, however, consumes a lot of resources. DirectFlex All previous versions of Flex Profiles were built to manage user settings during the logon and logoff phase of a user session. Same as [ExcludeIndividualRegistryKeys] but excludes only specific named value, not subkeys.

Flex file and add them to the newly generated INI file. Information in this document is subject to change without prior notice. In order to create correct log information, it is strongly recommended that the reference environment has the same folder redirection configuration as the production systems. Individual configuration files for different applications allow modifying the behavior of the Immidio Flex Profiles logic.

Please read it carefully by scrolling down the license text. In large environments, it is common practice to only create INI files for the most important application and workspace settings at the beginning. Both bit and bit editions of the Windows operating systems are supported. The data store is easily created with the wizard.


Instead of configuring logon and logoff scripts, FlexEngine can be called directly, for example through a GPO. As a result the segmented profile information stored in each user s set of ZIP files will be applied to the personal Windows 7 workspaces on the first logon of that particular user. Set the path to application data for example T: It is recommended to use a generic path which is specific for each user, like the home directory such as H: A click on Common Settings in the Ribbon opens the Select edktion settings dialog box.

Syntax is one key per line. Page 2 How to Use System. For Immidio Flex Profiles it does not make any difference if instances of Windows XP or Windows 7 are running on physical hardware or in a virtual environment, such as Microsoft Hyper-V.

With the wizard you can editoin create or connect to a data store. Close Support Service Desk v 3.

Immidio FlexProfiles vs RES Software Workspace Manager Express (Part 2) – IT Classroom

Three consecutive Saturdays About this Course This instructor led course teaches students how to implement and manage Windows More information. Symantec, Backup Exec, and the Symantec More information. Make sure that they are accessible to all users. The License Agreement page is displayed.

immidio flex profiles express edition