It is time to test stability under load using the built-in CPU stress test. Ultra Male , Jun 15, XTU makes everything universal, but the options it displays are affected by what data your motherboard provides. Intel extreme tuning utility is a complete tool that let you overclock, save, compare, analyse and optimise your computer hardware settings. Since we want to save time we are going to pick a start point based on our experience, and the experience of others online, where we know it should be safe to start with an offset of Hi all, i want to use the intel extreme tuning utility to undervolt my mobile processor.

intel xtu profiles

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intel xtu profiles

That is all you need to know. Can I use this software without internet connection? The inbuilt tests are useful for assessing stability during the undervolting or overclocking process, while Prime95 or AIDA64 can be used to validate stability once you have finished tweaking your ‘long-term’ setting. In xyu aktuellen version erlaubt es besitzern eines systems mit. I feel like a decently experienced overclocker until I watch someone pour liquid nitrogen into a frozen block above their CPU, tapping away at a keyboard as they balance nitel temperature just long enough to keep the system stable for a short prociles.

This benchmark of the Broadwell-E iX I did during the competition was on the higher end of the spectrum, but definitely not the highest. Sometimes on crashing, it may not fully reset the settings you had previously applied, requiring a clean sweep.

After this I started building my own computers, and tearing laptops apart, which gave me an insight into hardware and how it works in a complete system.


Either is a valid approach, xty VCore is the easier place to start. The CPU frequency was also fluctuating at this time and the CPU workload dropped significantly, negatively affecting our score.

Along the bottom, you will see a line graph and a table showing output data from the hardware and associated sensors inside your notebook.

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) Undervolting Guide – Reviews

There are a couple of settings Pineau recommends changing before you start adding speed: The reference clock controls the speed of everything on the motherboard and overclocking it is prone to crash your system pretty easily. This pairing is a powerful feature and is the most useful way to use profiles. We will start adjusting the CPU core voltage offset, which moves in increments and decrements of 0.

There were surprises, too. Inel the left-hand side is the navigation menu where you will flick through the various functions needed for undervolting or overclocking. I grew up in a family surrounded by technology, starting with my father loading up games for me on a Commodore 64, and later on a The more love for overclocking, the better!

intel xtu profiles

Although we are fully aware software is never perfect and therefore XTU might contain a bug or two, it is possible that your bug is not caused by the software. Well, not nothing but very little. Now change to your starting offset using the arrow buttons or the dropdown list and hit apply. Since we want to save time we are going to pick a start point based on our experience, and the experience of others online, where we know it should be safe to start with an offset of This also applies to power limit throttling where the CPU may run faster but still below its turbo speed.


PapusanJun 15, Intel XTU app to profile pairing showing how to link a running process to a pre-existing profile.

Then monitor temperatures — or the thermal throttle flag — using the graph function in Intel XTU which continually monitors while the software is open. The only form of donation we accept is spreading the love for overclocking.

But I think the trade-offs are well worth the benefits, especially if you make use of the HWBot integration. We use the performance index to visualize progress and provide users a simpler interface for overclocking.

Intel xtu profiles download

Getting more speed is as simple as bumping up the multiplier by 1x, then running the benchmark to test stability. Your computer will have managed to override the new offset you tried to set and will be back to default voltage, but as lntel matter of caution make sure your starting point is within a realm of possibility. Advanced Tuning – Graphics: S operating system, using bios or a specific tuning application.

Showing core voltage offset for the integrated graphics core.