He who has knowledge about shell script will check the script whether it is suspicious or not before trying. Bro I have sent you add request to Skype. And about RPM based distributions , i think i will look at it. Welcome to Bangla Font Installer from http: If you entered the full command, it will work. It should work now in Debian based systems.


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NowWhat is the problem with kali???

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So exiting the installation. BTW, I found some of the posts quite useful. With this command, raw data will be written to a block device that can usually clobber the filesystem resulting in total loss of data.

Is it not BASH? I have created a script which will download and install 70 Bangla fonts with variations of them without searching. Thanks for your contribution.


However, thanks for sharing, definitely a script worth sharing. Fonts are hard work of the creators. Bro I have sent you add request to Skype. I think you should mention all the dependencies of the script in the kalpurush.htf.


Learn how your comment data is processed. But I can read and write Bengali in web pages. It should be ok for I will do a try-catch update in the script.

Hope you know where I was coming from. First of all kalpufush.ttf, Thank You for your comment.

Kalpurush Font Download – Bangla Unicode Font

If you entered the full command, it will work. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. There are some upgraded fonts in the new script.


Added support for Ubuntu If you want to contribute then use: It seems like your network is not connecting well with the two mirrors. I checked your script, well done.

Android Bengali font aren’t displayd. Need to add it (notosans bengali or )

Either way keep up the good work. Fahad Ahammed Bro with due Respect, I have successfully executed that command and it seemed installed.


Upgrading bangla fonts provided by us…. I have upgraded the codes.

Can you help me about that??? Shoeb can you please share the error if it gives?


Fonts are collected from different sources. Asif, are you talking about Telegrams Web version or application? Now open your terminal copy full line and paste in your terminal and press enter. But, when I open leafpad I can not find any Bangla Font. Even I can not write in Browser. Kalpurus.ttf the way, What shell you are using?