If the amount of messages suddenly dropped to only 10 messages in the hour, or even stopped sending messages at all, you could be alerted to the inconsistency via e-mail. If the command fails, a detailed error message will be displayed in the results field. To have Kiwi Syslog Server receive syslog messages you will need to configure your sending network devices to send their information to the IP address of the system that Kiwi Syslog Server is installed on. These tags are only inserted if the “Retain the original source address of the message” option is checked. All the variables are remarks and will not be executed if the function is called. This means the search strings can appear anywhere in the text.

kiwi syslog 6.3.8

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The logging level can be set to determine which messages should be sent to each of the destinations.

kiwi syslog 6.3.8

You can then get some information on the table structure and the data contained in the last 5 fields. A value of 0 is assumed if no value is set. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

kiwi syslog 6.3.8

None This function can be used to display messages on the screen in your own format. In particular, the syslof in notification methods meets the needs of an increasingly mobile business culture. If you would like to continue receiving, logging and actioning messages when you have logged off the system, you will need to install Kiwi Syslog Server as a Service by choosing this option during the installation process.


Sysoog The The The The 2. Create table button This button will attempt to create the specified table in the database referenced by the DSN.

Kiwi Syslog –

This is where you place any message text you want to have appear in the pager or SMS message. If any value other that “OK” is returned, Syslog will assume an error has occurred in the script and place an entry in the error log.

VarStats16 Control and timing fields Fields. GetItem – Dictionary Key [x] does not exist in dictionary [y]. You agree that You will register this Software only with SolarWinds and that You will only install a Software license key obtained directly from SolarWinds.

After a log file has reached a specific size or age, the current log file is moved to another name, eg.

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If you use a host name, a matching name command must already be configured so that the name can be resolved to an IP address. Click “OK” when done. Text string containing the IP or MAC address of the network adapter that the message will be sent from. If an error occurs while trying to run the script, a message box will be displayed indicating the error description and the line number on which it occurred.

The default is set to When searching for Kiwi Syslog Server Ver 9. This is more efficient than having to reconnect to the mail server each time a message needs to be sent.


In this case, if the text is NOT matched the result will be true. For example, suppose the logging list xlate-log is used to log messages related to address translation. The timeout specifies how many seconds to keep the database connection open when idle.

Copy Download Link paste this to your browser Comments. Long billion Range: Priority Originating Address Click the action and syslo press F4 to auto name the action “Log to file” Add a new Display action Leave the display number as default. Service edition Service verbose debug file 2.

The buffer contents are uploaded as a file stored at the path name path.

Let’s wait for other Kiwi experts if they have other thoughts. Schedule automated backups Perform bulk configuration changes Increase security. The program was originally setup before I started working here. To filter for TCP messages only: If you want to match all priority values it is not necessary to use a filter at all.

You can change those message IDs to have a new severity level of “notifications” so that they are sent too.