Spontaneous growth in Turner syndrome: Weight, BMI, WC and waist to height ratio were lower in adolescent girls than boys especially in higher percentiles over 5 years and these anthropometric indices decreased at childhood ages over 5 years in both genders. Conclusions Disease-specific growth charts are very useful tools. Outlier data were detected with Z-Scores graph and excluded from the analysis since these may affect the overall curve modeling. East Mediterr Health J. However, there was a problem that the growth charts were shifted downward in younger ages, which seemed to be due to selection bias.

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Tartaglia M, Gelb BD. To that end, disease-specific growth charts are very useful and are necessary for several reasons [ 3 ]. Biomed Res Int ; Adult height in Turner syndrome: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

lms chartmaker pro

Waist circumference and waist-to-height ratio in Norwegian children years of age: But to date, I have had no issues with this.

Ranke MB, Saenger P. This study aims to compare the curves of anthropometric measures obtained in two national studies conducted among Iranian children and adolescents in and The presence of puberty was judged by statements in the application form for Foundation data or the attainment of Tanner 2 breast development for hospital data.

WHtR in boys was greater than girls approximately up to 12 years of age inand up to 14 years in especially in the 90 th and 95 th percentiles.


lms chartmaker pro

These charts were the only available disease-specific growth charts of Turner syndrome and Noonan syndrome for Asian populations and were developed using a Japanese population. Height curves approximately have the same shape in both years of the study. Select type of offense: In both studies, most percentiles of WC were higher in boys than in girls after the age of Am J Dis Child ; Therefore, it is possible that the sample used for measurements is biased by delayed diagnosis of the disease, and if we analyzed only cross-sectional data, the developed disease-specific growth charts may show biased and different growth patterns.

Am J Med Genet ; These findings support the validity of the new TS-specific growth chart.

Therefore, we tend to recruit subjects over many years, which can cause the developed disease-specific growth charts to be affected by secular growth trends. MKh por SMH analyzed data.

Several scoring systems are currently available for diagnosis, with the scoring system developed by van der Burgt et al. Anthropometric indices, children and adolescents, Iran, reference curve. The LMS method and penalized likelihood. Growth failure is more evident as girls become mature, and growth spurts are not observed during the expected pubertal period. Relation to gender, age and degree of overweight. This new version gives you the ability to create line charts, bar charts, column charts, scatter charts, Gannt charts, function charts, and pie charts all using FileMaker’s built-in features.


In both studies, the mean weight was higher in boys than in girls after the age of However, this cohort did not represent the true population of TS due to diagnosis bias.

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Wright EM, Royston P. Ann N Y Acad Sci ; This may be because the snippet appears in a figure legend, contains special characters or spans different sections of the article. One of the limitations of our study is that because of the large sample size studied, we could not examine the pubertal stage of participants; therefore we could not determine the effects of puberty on anthropometric measures.

These factors include the definition of the disease with growth failure, selection bias in the measurements used to develop the charts, secular trends of the subjects, the numbers of subjects of varying ages and ethnicities, and the statistical method used to develop the charts.

Lambda-mu-sigma LMS Chart Maker Pro program was used to develop age- and gender-specific percentiles and to smooth and fit the model. This review was originally posted on VersionTracker.