Said Said 14 March I wish you to be sincere in the way of Allah Subhana Wa Taala. May Allah bless Sheikh Muhaysini. Bilaal Ibn Abdullaah 3 February Photo gallery – View all photos. I was listening to sourat luqman.

mohamed mhisni

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I mhlsni say this is one of the mysteries of the Coran. I often cry when I listen to him, especially when he recites those surahs in the last juz dealing with the permanent life of the hereafter, the Judgement Day, Paradise and Hell.

Sometimes I would cry with him when he is reading the verses about punishment of the hellfire and rewarding of the pradise.

Rokia charia of al quran – rokia charia gratuit –

Biography of Mohamed Al Mohisni. May God grant him a good health and reward him with Janatul Firdowsa. Recited from the core of his heart.

mohamed mhisni

He is one of the few who mhlsni through reverence and tears for more than once during his recitation of the Holy Quran unlike others who focus on the performance or rules of recitation. Anyone can read it or listen to it and get a strange good feeling.


The Islamic preacher is well known with his voice, reverence during recitation and his own way of repeating Quranic verses.

Abdiwali Duale 2 August However, he was banned from performing khutbahs since for political reasons. He is my favorite for all times. He cries and make others cry.

Somali-brother 7 November Sheikh Mohaisny is mashallah among the best may Allah bless his soul and have mercy on his family. I was listening to sourat luqman. May Allah bless Sheikh Muhaysini. Asmaa Yusuf 30 August May Allah bless you moahmed bless all of muslims in the world.

May Allah treasure our scholars and our Qaris and may Allah make us among those who are in the right path and who escape the fire of hell this blessed month Ramadan. Mohamed al-mohisni is the best reciter of all time.

From the same country Saudi-Arabia. May Allah protect him and give more to us of like him. O Allah forgive all muslims their sins and bless them. Elmi 25 January Description of the error.


Mohamed Al Mohisni

Alinoor Sharif 22 June Mohamed Hassan I made dua for your son may Allah accept it from ameen. Abdulahi hassan 25 November Abdul Rahman Al Sudais. Al-Mohisni is the best reciter of all times. Download Please do not exceed two simultaneous downloads.

mohamed mhisni

Bilaal Ibn Abdullaah 3 February So for that reasons am to tell you that i like you. It is the responsibility of every Muslim to learn and follow the Quran.

mohamed mhisni

It’s greatest gift of Allah that we have such reciter on the earth. He was Imam in different mosques before settling in Qatari Mosque since till the present time.