For the adventuresome 3. The autostart feature of LMS means that piCorePlayer is able to start playing one of your favourite radio stations after you boot is. You have now confirmed that your new Pi player is running, connected to the network, and has completed its handshake with the Squeeze server. Squeezelite updated to version 1. If it doesn’t connect, then cycle the power on the Pi to reboot it without the ethernet cable, which will force a new server handshake. Steen 21 November – piCorePlayer 1.


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Getting started – Getting piCorePlayer up and running on your Raspberry Pi.

The reboot page has been changed, in order to avoid accidental reboot. Updated Allo PianoPlus drivers.


Problem with RPi3B on-board firmware not loading – fixed. Then save these settings by: Select “Tweaks” from the menu bar, scroll down to the “Audio tweaks” section and set “Automatically start Squeezelite when pCP starts” to “No” and then hit “Save”.

Samba is added – after many requests from you – so here it is from the “LMS” web page you need to be in [Beta] mode: But in addition we have added all the audio related patches that Clive aka JackOfAll made for the raspberry kernel. Only one version of piCorePlayerbut it can now run on all known Raspberry Pi boards.


The autostart feature of LMS means that piCorePlayer is able to start playing one of your favourite radio stations after you boot is. Uses Squeezelite for Squeezebox emulation.

Next use the arrow in the top left corner to get to the main menu. So soldering is not needed any more. Launching new web site www.

easysqueezebox :: Raspberry Squeezie: Pi + Squeezelite using PiCorePlayer

Automatic select the correct timezone depending on your location based on IP geo-location. Improved the update process further.


Please try the new version piCorePlayer 2. Gather the parts You will need: Squeezebox forum before being able to update to piCorePlayer2.

pCP – How-to download piCorePlayer

Build a minimalist design, high quality Squeeze player for use with a Squeeze Server. Libfaad, libffmpeg and libsoxr are now included and enabled together with Ralphy’s Squeezelite which is compiled with support of upsampling using the libsoxr resampling library.

This was accidentally dropped when we changed to 4.


Added options to mount hard-disks. I’m happy to announce that this will be the last time you will have to burn piCorePlayer to your SD card, as in the future you can update your system without needing access picoreplayeer your Raspberry Pi:.

Now High-speed isochronous transactions should be accelerated as well – so those of you with USB-DACs that had problems, please try this version and report your findings. If it works, fine: Before you get to excited about the last improvement, We need to make you aware that the images for piCoreplayer 3. This is still a work in progress, where we can easily create web pages with HOW TO’s and other information.


How-to download piCorePlayer

For versions of PiCorePlayer before v16, the most reliable way of moving to the latest version is to download the new version and flash the SD card again. In order to use it on a RPi2 picoreplaywr will need to burn the image to a SD card – and then piCorePlayer with analog output should be found in your picoreppayer within 20 sec.

Now click the [Submit will save Add support for exFat file systems. This is a bug-fix version.

Added the script provided by Randy for saving the content of wifi. Add iperf3 to diagnostic tools. In the piCorePlayer browser configuration pages there are two places where you can change the name. I have updated ALSA to version 1.