Apps using transactions, logging, concurrent access, etc. The programmer may be aware of and use the new DB object type directly, but only needs it from a single process and thread. Those that have only a single optional argument are implemented without keyword parsing to help keep the implementation simple. Making the cursor set methods return None is useful in order to do this: Magic number that identifies the file as a Btree database. The links below may be out of date.


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Number of hash buckets. Number of records in the database. Minimum keys per page. Locks are not necessarily associated with anything in the database, but can be used for any syncronization task across all threads and processes that have the DBEnv open. All of these have been implemented in Python code in the bsddb3.

Number of pages on the free list.

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For the Recno Access Method, the number of records in the database. When any of these exceptions is raised, the associated value is a tuple containing an integer representing the error code and a string for the error message itself.


Num of bytes free in database internal pages. Those that have only a single optional argument are implemented without keyword parsing to help keep the implementation simple.


Number of overflow pages overflow pages are pages that contain items that did not fit in the main bucket page. If this is too confusing let me know and I’ll think about using keywords for everything. Padding byte value for fixed-length records. You can use this method to toggle that behaviour for all of the aformentioned methods or extend it to also apply to the DBCursor. Number of pages in the database.

Concurrent access dictionaries — This refers to the ability to simultaneously have one writer and multiple readers of a DB either in multiple threads or processes and is implemented simply by creating a DBEnv with certain flags. The Python wrappers allow you to store Python string objects of any length, keyed either by strings or integers depending on the database access method.

Magic number that identifies the file as a Queue database. Estimated size of the hash table specified at database creation time. Version of the Btree database.

Berkeley DB 3.x & 4.x Python Extension Package

Underlying database page size. The website, mailing list and subversion repository all reside at the new location linked to above. Number of bytes free on big item pages. If the database has been configured to not re-number records during deletion, the number of records may include records that have been deleted. If you are using the C API documentation then it is very easy to map the error return codes specified there to the name of the Python exception that will be raised.


Pybsdb of times a thread of control was able to obtain the region lock without ppybsddb.

bsddb3 Python documentation

The DBLock objects pybsdd no methods or attributes. A pointer-like object used to traverse a database. Simple persistent dictionary — One small step beyond the above. Allows for multi-file commit, abort and checkpoint of database modifications.

Version of the Queue file type. Num of bytes free in database overflow pages.


Calling it on a DB object pyhsddb the behaviour for that DB only. The Important Stuff And now, finally, here is the stuff you came to this site for: Refer to the Oracle Berkeley DB documentation for true details.