There was a sound like a waterfall, crashing torrents that echoed about the glade. Does this restaurant offer free wifi? Ratings and reviews 4. I had a deep, almost instinctive desire to leave; we all did. We have heard that food was good and that there was a section where smoking was not allowed. Tragic folk songs filled the car once more, and then the canopies parted: With all this undergrowth however, it was impossible to get a feel for the size of the place.

radio grmec

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There was no monument here. There was something uncanny about the shape of it, something quietly alarming. Thanks to its central location, just meters form the building of Radio Belgrade, the restaurant is frequently full. Around the path meanwhile, large potholes gaped open like craters and I wondered if there had ever been landmines deployed here.

Reviewed April 14, via mobile I came back very next day. Compared to Western Europe, where tourists are publicly shamed for having fun at places of remembrance, the Yugoslav attitude struck me as quite the opposite.

There was a sound like a waterfall, crashing torrents that echoed about the glade. I would love to see an option to mark the blogs I have read and mark my favorite ones. We were just trying to turn around when I saw a woman watching us from the house.


The sunlight bathed the glade in harsh contrast, so that it glowed with almost supernatural zeal: The road got worse, deteriorating into a churning, mud-chute rollercoaster; a trench pockmarked with digger tracks and walled on either side with several feet of hard, displaced earth.

radio grmec

With all this undergrowth however, it was impossible to get a feel for the size of the place. I stood to watch it take off: Later you are lucky if you find a free table.

Does this restaurant offer outdoor seating? Leaving the car parked by the ruins, we continued on foot.

radio grmec

A battered sign announced our arrival, and around the next corner we came upon a building in the forest clearing. There were five of us in the car, a full berth.

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My gf and I had beef soup Is this a Barbecue restaurant? The experience left a lasting impression on me — in particular, I was moved by how colourful these places of suffering had become. Reviewed May 30, Not for non-smokers! We saw more, and I began spotting holes punched through brick walls, scars caused by something quite different to abandonment and natural decay.


TripAdvisor LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites. Only one photo appeared. Does this restaurant offer free wifi?

Grupa Grmec Bozo i Repa – Kuja

Its traditional old looking place but charming. The drone flew away from the monument, as fast as it was able… while David swore and thumped the controls, apparently unable to stop it. Sure enough, a few minutes later the drone re-entered the clearing, sheepishly coming in to land beside its master.

Food is local and tasty. The air was scented with the stale-water smell of sun-dried algae. It is hard to decide what was the best, si we went there very next day. Somewhere along the way however, that symbolism had been inverted. In however, the complex was gdmec by the enemy and Axis forces burned the hospital to the ground. We began to ascend the mountain. I read them all — but if you need a response it’s better to send me a message. Taxes, fees not included for deals content.