The ‘Overview’ tab of SleepyHead’s main window enable them to get an understanding of the patient’s sleep activity over a wider period of time in order to determine if there are any noticeable changes. I believe the actual model number is one the machine on the bottom. My research domains included embedded computer systems, mobile computing and delay tolerant networks in post-disaster scenarios. Also you should clean up the format so you get better use of the screen space. They are fairly inexpensive at Costco, and are designed to mimic the feel of a real down pillow.

sleepyhead cpap

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So, a lower pressure would be a good thing for them too. The manual covers a number of different machines and no all choices in the manual are actually on the machine.

Distributing test builds and reusing the logo and name without proper consent were the primary allegations made by Mark. Following the download process, you can just unzip the archive and run the application as installation is not necessary. This means you can store and run SleepyHead from a portable memory device with ease, allowing you to remove it from your system just by deleting it, since it does not create new registry entries for you to worry about.

Rise and fall of SleepyHead: How community backed CPAP hacking got jeopardized

I feel this lets my head move on the pillow easier and is less likely to pull the mask away from my nose. You also have some clear airway or central apnea events. Again to try and not disturb the mask position. Don’t know why these keep getting smaller! Once it starts to occur the machine can chase the events with more and more pressure, kind of like a dog chasing their tail.


My water sleephyead empties quickly also and I don’t have the humidity set high. I finally figured it out. You can put multiple screenshots and text in one post, instead of starting new ones.

Download SleepyHead Beta 2 / Testing 2

Thanks for this reply Sierra. If you have decided to adjust your own machine, first I would turn Flex off and see what that does.

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sleepyhead cpap

As a consequence, the dev shut down the project. I’ll download the software and see what I have on the SD card.

The top green trace is this total, while the bottom one has the intentional venting subtracted out. I am really dumb and cannot download the software. I believe the other two models do save detailed data and should work fine with SleepyHead.

Here is a link that identifies the models. One your machine your mask type should be set to the correct type. I don’t think it should have the choice of running in BiLevel mode, unless it is there but grayed out. I also noticed that there is a setting you are supposed to choose for whatever mask you are using and it’s not actually sleeppyhead to anything.


Rich, the trick is to use the “Write a reply” button near the bottom of the screen.

sleepyhead cpap

The water level went down, so it was using water, but there was no condensation in the hose or mask, and no water in my face, so all is good. What I noticed is that the higher frequency of OA occurred with the full face mask and the higher pressures.

SleepyHead CPAP Review Software – Apnea Board

New in SleepyHead 0. Don’t change it if you feel you are getting enough air during the ramp. In this article, we will talk about a medical disorder called sleep apnea.

Once you have the layout cleaned up on a PC you just press F12 to save a screenshot image. The patient or the doctor or the manufacturer of the device? Your net reading is very low, even with the full face mask. My expectation would be that if you turn Flex off, sleepyhhead Inhale pressure red trace will actually reduce.