European singer stubs Croatian music biography stubs births deaths People from Trogir Croatian male singers Croatian pop singers. For a significant period, the origin of the name was erroneously thought to be related to the Latin word for “palace”, a reference to Diocletian’s Palace which still forms the core of the city. However, Trogir recovered in a short period to experience powerful economic prosperity in the 12th and the 13th centuries, with some autonomy under Venetian leadership. In , the Peace of Pressburg added it to the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy and in it was included in the French Empire , becoming part of the Illyrian Provinces in After being occupied in , it was granted to the Austrian Empire following the Congress of Vienna , where the city remained a part of the Austrian Kingdom of Dalmatia until the fall of Austria-Hungary in and the formation of Yugoslavia.

vinko coce i klapa tragos vilo moja

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Klapa Tragos

Zagreb, Bosnia-Herzegovina and World. Ever since the Portuguese annexed this collection of desert islands in the 15th century to make it a slave trade hub, the Black and Portuguese populations have mixed over time to give birth to a brand new language and brand new music—each island more or less developing its own style—, transforming the Cape Verdean dry lands into a bottomless talent pool.

Klapa Neverin, Vunko Artist – Z. Internet Archive provides the bandwidth and legal protection for hosting the trxgos, while MusicBrainz stores metadata and provides public access through the web and via an API for third parties to use; as with other contributions, the MusicBrainz community is in charge of maintaining and reviewing the data.


The downloaded files belong to you, without any usage limit. Motown Unreleased Various Artists. Badurina, Composer Scardona Unknown.

The MusicBrainz client software library, libmusicbrainz, is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public Licensewhich allows use of the code by proprietary software products. For ecclesiastical history, see Roman Catholic Diocese of TraguriumIn the 3rd century BC, Tragurion was founded by Greek colonists from the island of Vis, it developed into a vinkko port until the Roman period; the binko comes from the Greek ” tragos “.

Madame Schumann Ragna Schirmer. On the fall of Mpja inTrogir became a part of the Habsburg Empirewhich ruled over the city untilwith the exception of Napoleon Bonaparte’s French occupation from to You can download them as many times as you like.

Vinko Coce/Klapa Tragos on TIDAL

The exact year the city was founded is not known, but it is estimated to have been in the 3rd or 2nd century BC; the Greek settlement lived off trade with the surrounding Illyrian tribes the Delmatae. Klapa Tragos, Main Artist – Z. From the 9th century on, Trogir paid tribute to the Byzantine empire. Klapa Maslina, Main Artist – I.

vinko coce i klapa tragos vilo moja

Trogir is the best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic complex not only in the Adriaticbut in all of Central Europe. After being occupied init was granted to the Austrian Empire following the Congress of Viennawhere the city remained a part of the Austrian Kingdom of Dalmatia until the fall of Austria-Hungary in and the formation of Yugoslavia.

MusicBrainz has expanded its goals to reach beyond a compact disc metadata storehouse to become a structured open online database for music. It lies on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea and is spread over a central peninsula and its surroundings. The motifs in general celebrate love, wine, country and sea. On 28 JuneBBC announced that it has licensed MusicBrainz’s live data feed to augment their music Web pages; the BBC online music editors will join the MusicBrainz community to contribute their knowledge to the database.


Trogir Trogir is a historic town and harbour on the Adriatic coast in Split-Dalmatia Countywith a population of 10, and a total municipal population of 13, Portrait by Jean Clouetc.

MusicBrainz MusicBrainz is a project that aims to create an open data music database, similar to the freedb project. Baudouin de Lannoyc. Buy an album or an individual track. The word klapa translates as “a group of friends” and traces its roots to littoral church singing. Snipes inat the French premiere of The Expendables 3. Vienna is Austria’s primate city, with a population of about 1. Vienna o Belvedere by Bernardo Bellotto In Dalmatianthe city was known as Tragur. She was the highest paid actress in the world in and This article on a Croatian singer is a stub.

He succeeded his cousin and father-in-law Louis XII, who died without a son. Venice prevailed and during the early modern period Split remained a Venetian city, a fortified outpost surrounded by Ottoman territory.

vinko coce i klapa tragos vilo moja

Trogir’s medieval core, surrounded by walls, comprises a preserved castle and tower and a series of dwellings and palaces from the Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque periods.