Then, the “girl” becomes very curious in the pain, eventually realizing the blocking of the pain changed nothing. The baby in the video suggests possible rape. I definitely don’t know everything, but I can learn very quickly if there’s something I need to know. Hatsune Miku V3 Illustration: They took the original Hatsune Miku Electric Angel and even recomposed the lyrics themselves to fit the song better. Would anyone like to request a review?

vy1 cyber thunder cider mp3

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Video vocaloid vy1

Requested by Alfred F. Please enjoy a classic remade! It is implied that the girl may not even exist, and that she is some sort of internal being that either brings the pain or exiles the pain, somewhat like a conscience.

The lyrics have lots of symbolism, which can offer a very thjnder perspective on the song, and in the end, this is a very fun and driven song with a nice flowing story and expert visuals and artwork.

Despite all of her tries, she still only sees the darkness in the world and so it repeats over and over. I became a content creator on another page, so that’s where I was.

Kagamine Len [V4X] Cyber Thunder Cider [COVER] by – Len Kagamine – | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Yes that includes Message of Regret, Prince of Blue and several others. If you would like to request a song, feel free. Only Youtubemultiplier and Youtube links will be active. The balloons represent her broken feelings which she keeps inside each time this yhunder.


Its really upbeat and happy x3. Leave a comment 4 characters max. However this group is not what she imagined and rather terrifies her.

Cyber Thunder Cider – VY1 – Tai Nhac Mp3 Mien

Whether she uses their body for their normal service or not is unknown. Really relaxing and just all around a gorgeous song. In the end, the boy may still be restricted, that one moment swept him away into a new experience. Spring is finally here! No Yes A pre-loading function will be automatically applied.

No Game No Life | Soundtrack「Cyber Thunder Cider」

Although, I’m not sure if the tune is one that will stick will me a week from today. One being apart of Mothy’s Seven If you watch the others, you learn that Miku and Len were actually lovers! Miku is currently afraid of someone, whether it be an actual demon or someone she sees as one.

vy1 cyber thunder cider mp3

As she grows older, she runs a bakery of apple confections, and decides to sell them to th The crowd cheers as they believe the evil queen’s rule is over. She begins to liberate the boy, eliminating his pain, saying that when the pain leaves, she will too.


vy1 cyber thunder cider mp3

This song was released right after EZFG’s other hit: It’s the townspeople who are cursed, because they will live for all eternity. Bottling it up is only making things worse for the boy, but the “girl” tells him he’s doing a good job. In some places I slur the lyrics a lot too, but So let’s get started again! Please activate JavaScript visit this website to help you and reload the page. Defiantly worth a listen.

If I were to take a guess the singer, Rin in this case has become a shell of her past happy self in order to fit in with a group. VY2 and VY1 Story: She buys the prostitutes’ time to test how far they’re go for money. Ketora Kaeru jitensha Video Author: