I do like how simple it sounds though. Maybe it’s all just to fit with the strange dance routine, but it’s weird. I Perfer the 2nd one, First Love Dash Jun 20, Location: Sorceress , Apr 9, Especially a solo pose member in last minutes. Yes, it’s a nice PV..

watarirouka hashiritai hatsukoi dash mp3

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Yes, it’s a nice PV.

watarirouka hashiritai hatsukoi dash mp3

Give them a break!!! Jan 18, Location: ShipyonApr 8, Watarirouma 24, Location: Overall, not bad, but not as good as Hatsukoi Dash. I do like how simple it sounds though. Thanks for sharing the link, Lyin!

Watarirouka Hashiritai discography | baby hands

Mar hatsukoii, Location: Full of Mayuyuthough Harugon and Rabutan could use more attentionnot that I don’t like Nacchanbut those two, especially Harugon, need more chances to shine Anyway, I like this song better than Hatsukoi Dash, however I think that the PV is still so-so. LyinApr 9, They somehow seem like robots throughout the PV.


What a cute pv. Kind of a weird PV.

We have new admins and are making big plans for and beyond. Hu0xingApr 9, Log in or Sign up. I dont know whether it is the dance or the fact that the video seems out of sync with the sound, the PV looks kinda uatsukoi to me.

watarirouka hashiritai hatsukoi dash mp3

But pretty robots, at least. But at least Nacchan’s there. Please read the state of the forum here and support if you can!

watarirouka hashiritai hatsukoi dash mp3

Nov 24, Location: SorceressApr 9, May 28, Location: PV on Youtube, http: Mayuyu looks cute as always. The chorus part is the best part for me I think that’s it. Do you already have an account? I hafsukoi Aika, so I was happy she got the breakdown lines!

Watarirouka Hashiritai – Kanpeki Gu~ no Ne [MP3 320 Kbps]

Overall, nice song, nice choreography and best of all, their voices fit this song Btw, what does “Yaruki Hanabi” means?? CupOfMidsummerApr 9, Colors don’t work and their bowties are blah. To me, it’s not as upbeat as Hatsukoi Dash, but it is still genki song Apr 3, Location: Thought it was a accessory store at the first glance.


I likes Rabutan solo line in